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Loan Words

Loan Words is a video piece for one vocalist and motion graphics. It was produced by What We Know So Far with support from 3rd Ward. It was voiced by Matthew Kugler, and recorded at Terminator Smile Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Patrick and I wrote, Patrick animated and I did sound design. ^

New News

New News is a video piece for 5 vocalists and spam text. It was produced by What We Know So Far with support from 3rd Ward and premiered on August 13th. It was shot and edited by Patrick Davison and lit by Michael Hauer and Nate Spengler. The performers are Joel Jacobs, Judy Chen, Jennifer Breslin, Matthew-Lew Erlbach and myself. Patrick and I wrote it, I did sound design and ADR (to varying degrees of success).^

Carolina Lady

Carolina Lady is a performance piece for video projection and live guitar. It also has a "studio" DVD version. The video was shot by Daniel Grossman and edited by Patrick Davison. I wrote, recorded and performed the score.

Carolina Lady continues with some of the ideas present in Sounds of Coming Around. It seeks to evoke a feeling of transience, of travel. Most importantly of a shifting literal and figurative landscape. It is named after an old Appalachian folk tune (as sung by Dillard Chandler), upon which the guitar part is based.^

Motion Studies

These Motion Studies are multi-channel sketches for video and performers. They always involve an instrument (usually guitar) and frequently a dancer. I play guitar and help out with their forms. Madeline Best occasionally dances. Patrick Davison shot and edited them.

Our interest when we started these was simple: what can you make an instrument or human body do using video that it cannot do alone? What arose was a series of overdubbed, redubbed, remixed, multichannel pieces attempting to expose the effects of editing on a human performance. If you edit musical footage based on its visual content, what kind of song have you made? Or vice versa. If you build an expectation that the guitar is always playing exactly what the viewer is hearing - and then break that expectation - will the viewer trust you again? ^

8 Shorts

My vimeo page has the rest of these.

A series of small sound design experiments from a number of years ago. I consider these to be "fun". They were shot and edited by Patrick Davison. I designed, recorded and performed the sounds. I go back and forth between Watertower and My Cold Cold Heart as favorites. ^