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I try to record for an hour or so every night. Some nights I try harder than others. If anything is worth keeping, it ends up here.

Pressure - Act 1

The Idiom by mikerugnetta

This is the music for the first act of a three act lecture entitled Pressure. A full explanation of what Pressure is - including some video to go along with this audio can be found in the lectures section of the website. For this reason, it might feel like something is "missing". It sort of is - though I enjoy listening to the Pressure score on its own... then again I wrote, performed, recorded and mixed everything you hear. Except I didn't write the accordion melody; that's an old French folk tune I borrowed. ^

Sounds of Coming Around

Slowbuild to Something Wonderful by mikerugnetta

After being "in progress" for more than a year I have decided to finally let them go. I have moved on, and though I feel a little sad these never got to the full lustre they deserved, I still feel proud of these songs. For what it's worth, I think I have just stopped hearing them for what they are: music. I think of The Sounds as travel. As a travel movie, a radio play. The forms are less like music, more like story. Sometimes they meander, loose the point, or forget the destination altogether. Sometimes the rhythm is interrupted by a tangent that cannot be ignored. And sometimes they wander to a place, forget their way back, set up camp. Here is comfortable enough, let's stay for a while. ^

Experiments in Motion

brownian by mikerugnetta

The image of a solo guitar player brings to mind very strong associations. These pieces attempt to skate a line between the attitude one might normally associate with a solo acoustic guitar composition, and a more modern vocabulary. I find that they range in their successes, mostly helped by their friendly length and brief moments of clear traditional harmony. ^

The Truth, Pretty Much Spelled Out

first by mikerugnetta

A slightly older collection of experiments. At the onset of attempting a new way of thinking about composition with a guitar, I am here, mostly simply, having a few conversations with an instrument regarding a subject in which neither of us were aware the other shared a vested interest. ^