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Hi. I'm Mike

I am a composer, programmer and performer. I live in Brooklyn, NY (with what feels like the rest of the creative industry) and I make my living as a composer for performance (theatre and dance) or video, a freelance live and studio mix engineer, and as a sort of A\V complex problem solver. I sometimes teach Max/MSP and ProTools to all manner of folks who might be interested.

The work I make generally centers on two ideas: complexity, and human relationships. Not necessarily romantic relationships, though sometimes; it's more like how you and I relate to one another. And how I relate to your best friend. And how that relationship can influence our relationship. There are these differently weighted points of control throughout our structure of sociality which are at once very easy to intuit - you certainly don't have to sit down and think about how you should be interacting with someone, do you? - but very complicated to spell out.

Nothing I make, though, is ever really about human relationships. I just use my perceptions and ideas about the way human relationships work to arrange the elements involved in any given piece. I think this is the secret to giving complex work a more approachable, more poetic personality. My interest in complexity is a direct result of my technology background. It's amazing to think that with all the information available to us... or even all the information we are unwillingly subject to on a 15 block walk through Manhattan.. we do not turn into person-mush. We are able to deal with huge amounts of complexity. But why? And How? Have we always been this way? Does the INTERNET have something to do with this? And so I try to make things which test the limits of our ability to process information, to make remote logical connections; trying to test and expand through performance what could be explained and codified by neurology.

And so from there, many subjects are fair game. My pieces are about physical phenomena, pop stars, war, love, community. Francis Bacon. It's all legit, because after a while you start to realize that it's all connected in one way or another, anyway. Usually through Kevin Bacon.