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The Hannah Complex

Video excerpt

The Hannah Complex is a lecture in one act for two vocalists, chamber orchestra (or pre-recorded music), and slide-show. It had a work-in-progress performance at Stain Bar in Brooklyn, New York on Monday October 27th, 2008. I co-wrote, co-directed and co-starred (that's me on the right) with Patrick Davison, who also designed the slides. The slides were operated by Jo Lampert. This WIP performance was produced by Meat and Bone Theatre Co, and did not include a musical element or a full set of visuals.

Concerned largely with identity, and taking a very severe interest in the audience's understanding of the ways in which reality can be organized and sense can be made of the every day world, The Hannah Complex explains why it is we need memes, and why some of us are capable of being at once ourselves and also ... well ... anyone else. Each vocalist seeks to deliver their points at times in tandem with, at times in deference to, at times in spite of and at times depsite the other vocalist's. ^


Video documentation forthcoming.

Pressure is an evening length lecture in three acts for multiple vocalists, chamber orchestra and pre-recorded music, and slide show. Act I (also titled Pressure) was premiered at The Gene Frankel Theatre in New York, NY on May 4th and 5th of 2008. The vocalist was Jo Lampert. I wrote, recorded, mixed and performed the score. I also co-wrote and co-directed with Patrick Davison, who also designed and operated the slides. This performance was produced by Avant Media Performance as part of a night of works entitled Triplicate. Act I of Pressure had a self-produced invite-only encore showing at Columbia University in June of 2008. Acts II and III are currently in progress and are scheduled to be completed by Fall of 2009. Act I remains available for performance.

This evening length set of three lectures - entitled Pressure, Proximity and Probability - involve the audience in a rigorous examination of three fundamental humanities: war, love and community. Starting with a well know Artistotle quote, and ending with satellite imagery of the performance venue, we attempt to touch upon everything in between. Some leaps of faith, and logical backflips are - of course - required, but we like to think the audience might leave feeling everything is little more connected than it was when they walked in. The vocalists, though they might be shocked at your lack of expertise, really do have your best interests in mind. ^